Visit Beatrix for Juices, Salads, and Other Healthy Options

Two diners eating at Beatrix cafe

Dining out typically has an unhealthy reputation. However, as with dining at home, choosing healthy options is what counts. Next time you feel like a meal out in Lombard, skip the burger and fries in favor a healthier choice.

One great new place to try for juices, salads, and other guilt-free foods is Beatrix, a new cafe-style restaurant located just a few minutes from City View at the Highlands.

Delicious Breakfast Options

If you visit Beatrix for breakfast, you can choose from an array of healthy yet filling entrees.

Try the chia cereal bowl for a hearty, low-fat start to the day. The green chili enchiladas – made with scrambled eggs, poblano peppers, kale, and pepper jack cheese – are another smart choice.

Pair your breakfast with a fresh-squeezed juice such as the power greens juice made from kale, romaine, celery, pineapple, and mint.

Scrumptious Lunch and Dinner Choices

If you plan your visit during lunch, top choices include the vegan tomato soup and the Straight-A Salad, made with arugula, avocado, Asian pear, asiago, and almonds. Guests also love the poke bowl, made with ahi tuna and bulgar wheat. It will make you feel like you’re in Hawaii!

For more filling choices, try the poblano and chicken stew or the turkey, sweet potato, and greens meatloaf. 

Visiting Beatrix

Beatrix also has a delicious coffee bar and bakery, where you can enjoy coffee from Intelligentsia and Metric as well as popular Chicagoland roasters.

The restaurant has a bright, almost tropical feel, even in the middle of winter. Green plants, ample lighting, and high tables create a calm and rejuvenating ambiance.

Learn More about Beatrix

Beatrix is located at 272 Oakbrook Circle in Oak Brook, IL. They open at 7 a.m. Monday through Friday and at 8 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Stop by soon for a delicious meal you can feel good about, and contact us to learn more about our nearby apartment community. 

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