Where to Find Colorful Pieces at Jewelry Stores around Lombard

woman holding jewelry in a store

Did you know that the oldest piece of jewelry ever discovered is a 100,000-year-old necklace made of Nassarius shells? Designs have changed over the last several centuries, and today, the jewelry stores around Lombard offer unique pieces from across the globe: Merry Richards Nestled in Oak Brook Terrace, Merry Richards is synonymous with the finest cut diamonds. Both Merry […]

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Find The Perfect Personalized Gifts at Things Remembered

Woman in yellow sweater hiding gift box behind her back

When you call City View at The Highlands home, you’re just minutes from some amazing shopping experiences! For the perfect personalized gifts, we recommend stopping by Things Remembered in Yorktown Center! Customization With Expertise Things Remembered has taken the guesswork out of gift shopping for the past 40 years. With small beginnings, the company is now North America’s foremost retailer […]

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The Yorktown Center: The Heart of Shopping in Lombard

young women shopping in Yorktown center

Did you know the first mall was built in 1956 in Minnesota? Not soon after that, the Yorktown Center was built in Lombard in 1968. Let’s take a look at why Yorktown Center should be on every shopaholic’s to-do list. Yorktown Center To say that Yorktown Center is spacious would be an understatement. The 1,300,000-square-foot shopping center […]

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