Two Lovely Indie Bookshops near Lombard

Indie Bookshops near Lombard

Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly stated:

Some books leave us free

and some books make us free.

Books and the indie bookshops that sell them bring this quote to life, informing and contributing to the free exchange of ideas. Fortunate for the residents of Lombard, there are two close indie bookshops, which provide those pages of freedom and ideas, as well as a community hang out.

Cornerstone Used Books

Boasting over 50,000 titles, Cornerstone Used Books is a family-owned indie bookshop in Villa Park. They offer store credit for book and audiobook trades, as well as accepting donations.

Do you like some music with your reading? Cornerstone has you covered with their selection of over 2,000 LPs. You can spin vinyl while kicking back in your apartment with a great book.

The community-focused atmosphere, spacious aisles, and extensive selection of LPs make Cornerstone Used Books a must-visit indie bookshop for Lombard residents. 

The Bookstore of Glen Ellyn

This indie bookshop has a long history of ownership and presence in the community.

Located in an old 19th century general store, the Bookstore of Glen Ellyn offers a variety of books, greeting cards, puzzles, and gifts. The staff are more than customer service employees, they are every bit the book lover as any patron – providing information on books and suggested reading.

For those bookworms seeking the company of fellow book lovers, the Bookstore of Glen Ellyn Book Club meets the fourth Thursday of every month, refreshments included. The rich history, communal environment, and wide array of books and other items makes the Bookstore of Glen Ellyn a destination worth the visit.

Find More Indie Bookshops near Lombard

Are you a book lover or seeking new places to meet others? These two indie bookshops are a short distance from Lombard and can fulfill these desires. Pay them a visit!

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