Explore Outdoor Recreation near Lombard

Lombard Area Outdoor Adventure

Make the most of the remaining summer with these tranquil parks and preserves offering outdoor recreation near Lombard. You’ll find miles of hiking trails, as well as summer blooms and numerous species of trees. Best of all, these destinations are just minutes from our Lombard apartments. Forest Preserve District The Forest Preserve District of DuPage […]

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Fun at the Mayslake Forest Preserve

Crappie being released back to the lake by a fisherman in a forest preserve at Learn More About Mayslake Forest

Just nine minutes from City View at the Highlands is a ninety-acre preserve featuring historical buildings and plenty of recreational fun. It’s called Mayslake Forest Preserve, and the land comes complete with wetlands, lakes, and restored prairies. This is an ideal place to spend time in nature while also learning new things. Visitors can explore […]

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