Enjoy Unique Art Glass Classes at Ed Hoy’s International


Just fifteen minutes from City View at the Highlands is a unique destination that brings glass to the world. 

We’re talking about Ed Hoy’s International, and it’s the largest glass distributor in North America.

It also offers fun classes and fresh opportunities for everyone to expand their creative expression. 

The Artists 

Ed’s Hoy’s partners with some of the most diverse groups of artists in the glass industry. They help students expand their knowledge while also making sure the classes are challenging yet fun. Artists include:

Gloria Badiner 

Gloria Badiner is a scientist turned glass artist. She mainly works in cast and fused glass and lets the themes of night and day guide her work. One can find her creations at an embassy in Washington D.C. as well as numerous galleries across the country. 

Nathan Sandberg 

Renowned glass artist Nathan Sandberg is known for his fresh, innovative curriculum. He also teaches internationally and is one of the world’s leading kiln-formed glass educators. Nathan is a favorite at Ed Hoy’s, and he also enjoys working in his studio.

Robin Kittleson

Robin Kittleson’s love for color and texture is captured in her handmade pieces. She enjoys experimenting and believes that glass is the perfect blend of art, science, and math. Robin encourages her students to find their voice and offers easy step-by-step instructions.


The classes allow students to expand their fusing, flameworking, and coldworking techniques. Those frequently offered include:

Flower Power

This introductory session blends glass powder in bright colors to create a tie-dyed look. It lasts three hours, and students can make bowls or organic sculptures.

Fusing Fundamentals 

In Fusing Fundamentals, students learn techniques such as cutting and designing. They’ll make a serving piece featuring transparent and opaque glasses and visual textures. 

Image in Glass 

Image in Glass is an intermediate class that centers on design and process for landscape in fused glass. Students make four landscape samples, while the instructor discusses color and depth. 

Ed Hoy’s International is just one of the unique destinations near our apartments in Lombard. If you would like to call our community home, please contact us. We’ll gladly arrange a tour. You can also check out our online floorplans anytime.

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