Enjoy Chicago Symphony Orchestra From Home

Enjoy Chicago Symphony Orchestra From Home

Technology offers us the opportunity to enjoy arts and culture from home and there’s nothing like a virtual night with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to be enjoyed from our apartments in Lombard.

Danny Boy

Bassist Daniel Armstrong arranged a breathtaking version of “Danny Boy.” He invited fellow orchestra members Danny Lai, Daniel Katz, and Daniel Gingrich to join him. Listen as the piece takes a jazzy turn. “Danny Boy” has an interesting history. The lyrics were written by British lawyer, Frederick Weatherly in 1910 and arranged to the tune of Londonderry Air, discovered by Jane Ross in 1851. You can either sit back and relax or get up and dance to this arrangement of the old Irish tune.

Album Leaf

Violist Youming Chen and pianist Patrick Godon perform Sergei Taneyev’s Album Leaf, Op. 33. Album Leaf is a general name for minor compositions by composers. Originally, Album Leaf connoted a piece written and dedicated to a specific person. Let Taneyev’s Album Leaf, Op. 33 take you away.

Over the Rainbow

Baird Dodge took to the courtyard of his residence and played this classic Harold Arlen/Yip Harburg song on his violin. This beautiful rendition will fill your Lombard apartment with both nostalgia and joy. Written for The Wizard of Oz in 1939, “Over the Rainbow” is a timeless classic. Appreciate Dodge’s version while enjoying some beers from a brewery near your apartment in Lombard, IL.

Chicago has a lot to offer, and an apartment in Lombard keeps you close to the city. If you’re in the market for an apartment in Lombard, IL, then City View at the Highlands can help you find your next home. So, contact us today!

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