Enjoy a Day of Fishing near Lombard at a Forest Preserve

Fishing Near Lombard

Looking to enjoy an afternoon of fishing near Lombard surrounded by amazing scenery? Then head to one of the following forest preserves! You’ll have a great time casting a line for bass, catfish, rainbow trout, and more.

Spring Creek Reservoir

In pre-settlement times, Spring Creek Reservoir was almost entirely woodland with a small slough. It became a reservoir in the mid-1970s and is home to an array of plants and animals. Along with fishing, visitors come to enjoy the 20-minute lunchtime loop trail featuring several benches for relaxation.

The reservoir is 15-feet deep on average, and anglers can cast a line for bluegill, bass, and sunfish.

Wood Dale Grove

Comprised of upland forest, ephemeral ponds, and a natural wet prairie, Wood Dale Grove is a rest stop for avian migrants. It rests on the Tinley Moraine, a ridge of soil and rocks deposited around the Lake Michigan basin during the last glacial period.

The lake features two piers and a maximum depth of 28 feet. It comes stocked with crappie, channel catfish, and rainbow trout among other species.

Winfield Mounds 

Spanning 359 acres, Winfield Mounds features restored savannas, prairies, and a stretch of the West Branch DuPage River. The preserve’s three mounds are dome shaped and set in a triangular pattern. They’re the only documented prehistoric burial sites in the county and are found along the edge of a mature oak-hickory forest.

Open daily, Winfield Mounds allows anglers to cast a line for carp, bluegill, and sunfish. Visitors can also enjoy an easy hike or a leisurely picnic.

Find More Fishing near Lombard

If you would like to live near these forest preserves, please contact us. We would love to give you a tour of City View at the Highlands where you can see all our vibrant community has to offer. 

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