Experience a Fun Challenge at CluedIn Escape Rooms

Group of adult friends in lab coats in an escape room like the ones at CluedIn

Are you looking for something to do indoors this winter? Are you in the mood to hang out with your friends somewhere warm and fun? CluedIn Escape Rooms is a great place to have an adventure and spend quality time interacting with your friends. Each room can take anywhere from two to six players.

CluedIn offers several different experiences:  

The Asylum 

You and your group have signed up as test subjects in a certain psychological experiment. When you arrive at your destination, you realize that you are at a creepy abandoned mental hospital.

You all go ahead and participate in the experiment, which seems to be going just fine. All of a sudden, though, everything comes crashing down. You have exactly sixty minutes to save yourselves and get out of the asylum. An evil entity is chasing you as you follow the clues. What will you do?

Double Agent 

Your entire group, yourself included, are spies working for a spy agency. You have received a message stating that your nemesis has compromising information on you. He threatens to leak it to the public in a blackmail scam. The information that this person has could have only come from someone in your group—a double agent.

Hack into your enemy’s computer system and get back the incriminating evidence, or your reputation is doomed. Fit the puzzle pieces together, follow the clues, and work together to get out of there.

You have the choice between a private room, where you and your friends play together, or you can participate in a public room where you can meet other interesting people. The level of difficulty ranges from easy to hard, depending on the room. Whichever room you choose, you are sure to have a blast.

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