Explore the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art

An amethyst geode like those that can be seen at the Lizzadro Museum

Just sixteen minutes from City View at the Highlands is a one-of-a-kind attraction that shares the eternal beauty of gemstones while promoting the study of earth science. We’re talking about the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Art and it’s collection spans the centuries.

The Beginning 

John Lizzadro immigrated to the United States from Italy in the early 1900s. He later married and enjoyed family trips to the Keweenaw Peninsula, where he began collecting stones. Over the years, he added to the collection with additional pieces from around the world. When the museum opened, Joseph achieved his dream of sharing his passion with others.


The museum displays an array of fascinating exhibitions, including:

Castle Lizzadro 

Honoring Joseph’s grandson, Castle Lizzadro blends the art of goldsmithing with lapidary art. Standing on a slab of Brazilian agate, the eighteen karat castle rises from azurite, amethyst, and vanadium. Diamond studded windows give the appearance of an occupied residence. 


To be called a gemstone, a rock or mineral must be durable, rare, and also beautiful. They can be tumbled, faceted, carved, or cut in cabochon. The museum displays many examples and explains how to identify the cuts. Highlights include a jeweled elephant, cat’s eye tourmaline, and faceted aquamarine. 

Rocks, Minerals, Fossils

In the Rocks, Minerals, Fossils exhibit you can check out a 2,363-pound piece of petrified wood that came from the Petrified Forest in Arizona. As you explore, you’ll also find the famous Mazon Creek fossils and glow in the dark rocks. Don’t forget to try out some interactive games such as Strike it Rich or Mineral Match.

The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday. Adult admission is eight dollars, and Wednesdays are always free.

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