Take a Break From the Heat at Lombard’s AMC Dine-In

Drive in movie goers enjoy a screening under clear Summer skies at AMC Dine-In

While the heat of summer can be a blast for hanging with friends, every now and then, we all need a chance to cool off. After you’ve spent a full day shopping outdoors at the Yorktown Center or tanning at the Glass Court Pool, give yourself a break from the summer heat and go cool off at Lombard’s AMC Dine-In. Located less than a mile from City View at the Highlands, AMC Dine-In offers food, drinks, movies, and most importantly—air conditioning.

Check out our top 3 reasons to head to Lombard’s AMC today:

1. You Can Get a Meal Straight to Your Seat

Unlike your typical movie-going experience, AMC Dine-In offers a full menu, featuring entrees, appetizers, and snacks—everything from burgers and nachos to salad and flatbread. All you have to do is walk up to the counter, and an employee will deliver your food right to your seat.  If you’re not looking for a full meal, you can always cool off with a custom milkshake or ice cold beverage instead.

Looking for more traditional movie fare? No worries—popcorn, candy, and other snacks are all available behind the counter.

2. You Can Grab a Custom Drink

Want a cocktail to put you in the mood for your movie? MacGuffin’s has got you covered. Featuring specialty cocktails based on the biggest blockbusters, MacGuffins is no ordinary bar. Plus, in addition to their custom fare, they offer craft beers, premium wines, and traditional cocktails. While you can’t get your drink delivered directly to your seat, the full-service bar is located mere steps away in the main lobby. 

You Can Kick Back

AMC’s signature plush chairs are some of the comfiest movie seats you’ll find. In addition to a power reclining system, each chair comes with its own swiveling table. Thus, you can eat your meal and then get it out of the way. And with reserved seating available for all shows, you never have to worry if you’ll get stuck too far (or too close!) to the screen.

Learn More About AMC Dine-In

To buy a ticket for Lombard’s AMC dine-in, visit their website. Or, for more info on dining, housing, and other attractions in the Lombard area, contact us today.

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