Connect Virtually to Explore Lombard Area Zoos

Connect Virtual With Animals At Lombard Area Zoos

If you love animals, City Views at the Highlands is a great place to live. With our pet policy and proximity to several zoos, our residents can enjoy their favorite animals on a regular basis. Even if you can’t currently visit Lombard area zoos physically, you can enjoy their online resources, allowing you to connect virtually to your favorite animals from our Lombard apartments.   

Lincoln Park Zoo

Learn interesting facts about specific species and exhibits through the Lincoln Park Zoo’s website. For example, the Allen’s Swamp Monkey has webbed fingers and toes, which allow it to swim well, helping it avoid predators in the wild. You may also want to check out the Lincoln Park Zoo’s YouTube channel, where you learn about some of the zoo’s animals and meet a few of the zoo’s newest residents.

Cosley Zoo

If it’s been several months since you last visited the Cosley Zoo, you’ll likely want to look at the “What’s New” section of the website. This includes information about current zoo programs. You’ll also get a peek at some of the zoo’s newest additions. Explore the website for other information, including facts about specific zoo species. Head on over to the Wheaton Park District’s Virtual Recreation Center where you can take a tour of the Cosley Zoo barn and enjoy other resources related to the zoo.

Brookfield Zoo

Connect with the Brookfield Zoo animals on their website, where you learn more about specific animals and even adopt your favorite animal. To help with animal care and conservation at the zoo, you may also want to register for the virtual Brookfield Zoo Run. You have until September 6th to register and to complete your run. The Brookfield Zoo’s YouTube channel is another great place to connect with the animals. They have several “Bringing the Zoo to You” videos, which allow you to learn a little more about your favorite zoo animals.

Of course, before you can experience these Lombard area zoos, you need a great place to live. Contact us to learn why our apartments in Lombard are the perfect place to call home.

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